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Who and what are KentATB ?

KentATB are a group of freeriders from Kent in England. This site can be used as a resource for planning any days riding or to contact other riders in your area. We welcome all new riders to join up with us.


KentATB was originally founded in 2003 by Adam Finch along with other riders at the time Scott, Tommorage, and Xander. They had an active community, and website, with regular days out riding, and a good forum. Unfortunately in late 2007 the website went down, due to technical problems. Although Adam intended to rebuild the site. New career commitments and a young family meant he had less time to invest in mountainboarding. At this time the other key players in the KentATB scene interest shifted, and they went on to concentrate on their band. Although not actively operating as KentATB they continue to ride occasionally to this day. Other notable riders of this period were Wilba, Didi, and of course Godders.

In the autumn of 2008 a new group of riders decided to kick things off again. With the purpose of finding new spots to ride, and to see if anybody was still riding. We opted to continue with name KentATB in hope some of the old riders would find the site and rejoin up. Since then things have picked up substantially . With regular new riders joining the forum, and an increased base of riders meeting up.

These days we have all moved on. Gone are the old KentATB venues of Court-at-Street, Aldington and Connaught park. We are now more focused on our county's woodland. Riding now takes place at Barham, Sandgate and our old favorite Perry Woods. Exploration continues searching out around the county for the ultimate trail.

Now in 2011 things are fully re-established and KentATB are as strong as ever. Our rider base has increased and our riding venues are expanding. We now have East Kent pretty much mapped out with all possible trails identified.

Our outlook for the future is to spread into West Kent, gain more riders and continue to build a mountainboard community in our county. Things are looking positive.



about the website

The purpose of this website is to -

Encourage more riders, and grow a mountainboard community in our county.

Be used like a guide book for any visitors.

Serve as a KentATB record.

Other considerations

please try to keep your impact on the land to a minimum. It is a real shame when you go to really beautiful spots and they are trashed by litter etc.

Not digging jumps in the middle of existing footpaths.

Keeping noise to a minimum. Closing any gate's you may have to open.

Don't trudge through the middle of farmer's crops.

Build fires or camp in inappropriate place's.

Try to ride in public places , or obtain permission from the land owner, if this is not possible try to maintain a lower profile as possible. If the landowner does catch up with you, and asks you to leave. Be polite and move along quietly - you can always leave it and come back a few months down the line at a quieter time.

Keep yourself safe by trying to ride with a minimum of one other person,

Wear the correct safety equipment

Take a mobile phone with you.

Remember if you do go out alone let someone know where you are going.

If things do go tits up you may wish you had read THIS

A copy of the countryside code can be downloaded as a pdf HERE.